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A real-time GPS for iOS and Android to discover, and share, paranormal activity near you.

This App does not “detect” paranormal activity but provides a means to mark, catalog and share locations that are CLAIMED to have a paranormal nature.

According to a 2013 survey by Huffington Post, 45% of Americans believe in ghosts. In a Fox News poll, 80 million people report believing in UFO’s and one in ten Americans say they have personally witnessed an extraterrestrial spaceship. 36% of Americans believe that aliens have visited the earth. In 1938, Orson Wells Mercury Theatre broadcast “War of the Worlds” and the programming created widespread panic among listeners who believed the events of the radio broadcast to be real. Fifty-five years later the BBC produced a mock documentary called Ghost Watch. The news style program and the BBC recorded 30,000 calls in the first hour from audience members reporting their own paranormal sightings.

After researching the web Fontera concluded there was no single site that documented paranormal activity and allowed the community of users to contribute to the database. And so Paranormal GPS was created…

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