Blackberry Apps is a unique website solution designed specifically for golfers, with the core focus being on the delivery of up to date weather forecasts, specific to each golf course’s exact GPS location. Website users are able to obtain detailed up to date weather conditions for their selected courses, as well as comprehensive 7-day weather reports.

The site provides specific weather forecasts for thousands of courses in Europe, Southern Africa and the USA.

The Challenge

Due to the nature of the golfing lifestyle, it was felt that a more efficient mobile solution needed to be provided for golfers on the go. Whilst the website supplied comprehensive information, it wasn’t optimised for people accessing GolfWeather via their mobile phones and although a mobile site had been developed, it wasn’t able to provide the same level of interactivity and functionality offered by the website.

The Solution approached Fontera with an idea for the development of a mobile application, customised specifically for the iPhone device. Based on extensive research and collaboration with, this solution was identified based on the traditionally higher income bracket into which many golfers fall and, in turn, the more premium choice of handsets used.

Fontera worked closely with in order to customise the application for their specific requirements, with a focus on incorporating optimal functionality into a simple, user-friendly interface.

The Fontera Difference

At Fontera, clients are treated as partners, and are heavily involved in all aspects of campaigns – from strategic planning to design and functionality. Fontera believes that the collaborative process is imperative to creating bespoke solutions, and ensures that specific challenges are dealt with efficiently and effectively.

By working in close conjunction with throughout the development process, Fontera was able to ensure that the resultant mobile application was perfectly tailored to their needs, all the while providing the level of expert advice and guidance afforded by over 50 years of collective experience in the field.

Campaign Success

The iPhone application was an incredible success, utilising the exceptional functionality of the device to full effect. Users are now able to access current weather conditions, as well as four detailed daily forecasts and a comprehensive 7-day weather outlook.

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