Skunk Works

Activate Commerce Skunk Works is a tech startup accelerator that lives within the Activate Commerce group. The abundance of great ideas floating around is never matched by the amount of available capital for startup founders. Activate Commerce leverages our experience in eCommerce and app development to help get new ideas to market in this environment.

Activate Commerce works with founders to get their ideas designed and built in order to get a Minimum Viable Product to market in the shortest space of time. Leveraging our technical resources, Activate Commerce is able to take responsibility for the development of the site or app while founders are able to focus on user acquisition and marketing. This partnership between Activate Commerce and the founders allows startups to launch an actual product instead of wasting months trying to find capital in a very tight market.

We work with tech entrepreneurs to find relevant commercial models in order to ensure the success of their product. Instead of looking for seed or angel funding, entrepreneurs are able to go straight to the development phase and produce a finished product that is able to go to market with or without additional funding.

In the last few years Activate Commerce Skunk Works has launched a number of start ups:



Paranormal GPS

Paranormal GPS

Monster Moogle

Monster Moogle Maker

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